Teen Parenting Course


Our teen parenting course empowers you to become a healthy, loving and supportive mother to your teenager. This is a 5 workshop audio series available via MP3 recording.

Teen Parenting Сourse Curriculum:

01. Where is my sweet, cooperative child?

  • Your role as a parent is just as important, but how does it change?
  • Learn about the importance of being a teenager and the changes that teenagers go through.
  • Understanding the 3 stages of teen-aging.

02. Loving our teenagers while they individuate.

  • Learn your teen’s love language.
  • How to compliment your teen effectively.
  • How to be a nurturing parent even when your teen pushes you away.

03: External Control vs. Internal Connection

  • Getting out of the triangle of dysfunction – letting go of external control.
  • Learn to connect internally to Hashem, to yourself, and to your teen.

04: Do I still get to be the parent?

  • Explore the role change that occurs as your child enters adolescence.
  • What are detachment and enmeshment? How do they look?
  • How can you foster healthy attachments with your teenagers?
  • How to accept your teen while correcting the behavior.
  • How to say “No.” with love. Learn the important rules about rules.

05: Guiding our teens

  • How the growth process that occurs as our children teenage makes us into more secure adults.
  • What to say  when they push every limit.
  • Giving our teens the respect of sticking to their truth.
  • The whens and hows of adult education.
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Teen Parenting Course

What’s Included?

  • 5 x 1.5 hour recordings, including previous q&a sessions
  • Option to ask Perl Abramovitz questions live
  • Clear course material
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Mrs. Abramovitz recommends the regular Parenting Course for children up to age 10. For children age 10 and up, she recommends the Teen Parenting Course.
For whom is the Self Parenting Course geared toward?
The Self Parenting Course is for anyone that wants to do inner work, regardless of the stage in life she’s at.
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If you purchase any two courses at once, you get a 20% discount. If you purchase all three at once, you get a 25% discount.
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